The main types of Exness accounts are Standard (Standard, Standard cent) and Professional (Raw Spread, Zero, Pro). Additionally, there is a Demo account suitable for beginners in online trading. An Islamic account is also available. For those considering the possibility of trading with Exness, it becomes important to carefully understand each type of account.

Exness Standard Accounts

Exness Standard Accounts

Exness Standard Accounts include the Standard Account and Standard Cent Account.

Standard accounts are suitable for all traders as they are the simplest and most cost-effective among the account types offered by Exness. These accounts have a reasonable minimum deposit requirement to get started, with fixed spreads for major currency pairs and metals, and leverage of up to 1:2000 depending on the underlying asset.

The fixed spreads and standard leverage levels in Standard accounts make them easy to understand and suitable for most common trading strategies. Whether you are a beginner learning the ropes or a more experienced trader looking for a solid day-to-day account, Exness Standard accounts provide a solid foundation for trading various markets.

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Professional Exness Accounts

Exness Professional Accounts

Exness Professional Accounts are designed for experienced traders who require advanced features and optimal conditions for active trading in financial markets. This category includes Raw Spread, Zero, and Pro accounts. They offer several advantages compared to regular Standard accounts.

In particular, Professional Accounts offer variable and typically lower spreads, which are crucial for traders dealing with large transaction volumes. Higher leverage of up to 1:3000 is also available. It is also possible to trade exotic currency pairs and stocks with these accounts.

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Comparison of Different Types of Exness Accounts

Exness offers traders the option to choose from several types of real trading accounts with different sets of features and trading conditions. Each type has its own distinctions.

Spread Type

Standard and Standard Cent accounts have fixed spreads, which simplify profit and loss calculations in trading. On the other hand, Zero, Pro, and Raw Spread accounts have floating spreads, where the size varies depending on market liquidity.

Spread Size

Raw Spread and Zero accounts offer the smallest spreads, starting from 0 pips under high liquidity conditions. Standard and Standard Cent accounts have fixed standard spreads. Pro accounts have variable spreads across a wide range.

Available Leverage

For Standard and Standard Cent accounts, it’s 1:2000. Pro, Zero, and Raw Spread accounts offer higher leverage at 1:3000, allowing you to potentially earn more from a trade.

Range of Available Instruments

The widest selection is available in Pro accounts, which include forex, CFDs, futures, bonds, and stocks. Standard accounts offer only major currencies and metals.

Minimum Deposit

Standard and Standard Cent accounts start from $1, while professional accounts have a higher minimum deposit limit of $200.

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How to Start Trading with Exness

Exness is one of the most convenient brokers to start trading in financial markets. Opening an account and starting operations is quick and easy, just follow this algorithm:

  1. Register on the Exness website and choose a real type of account. We recommend starting with a Standard account with a minimum deposit of $1.
  2. Make a deposit using one of the available payment systems, with over 15 options to choose from. Your funds will be credited instantly.
  3. Download the MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading platform and set it up for convenient trading.
  4. Analyze the market and select a currency pair or trading asset. Open and close your first demo trade.

After that, you can start trading with a real account!

Exness Demo Account

A great opportunity for beginners to learn trading without financial risk and losses is a demo account from Exness. After a simple registration on the broker’s website, clients immediately receive $10,000 in virtual funds in their demo account, with full access to MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms.

Demos are available for any type of live trading account. They can be used to open trades, test trading strategies and platforms, and gain necessary skills.

Exness Demo Account

You can also manage your demo account through mobile applications. Exness provides everything you need to develop serious trading skills without risks, helping to avoid common mistakes made by beginners in real trading.

Islamic Account

Exness offers special Islamic accounts for Muslim traders who adhere to the principles of Islamic finance. Its main feature is the absence of swaps, as Islam prohibits earning money from interest on loans.

There are no other fees except for a symbolic conversion fee when depositing or withdrawing funds from Islamic accounts. A 1:1000 trading leverage is available. Otherwise, they are similar to regular Exness accounts and come in Standard and Pro versions.

These accounts were created to meet the religious needs of Muslims in Forex trading. It is an accepted way for them to earn from their transactions.

Exness Islamic Account

How to Choose the Right Exness Account

Choosing the optimal type of trading account on Exness is a crucial step for a trader because it will determine the conditions and opportunities for trading. Here are the key criteria that should guide your selection:

  • Experience and trading skills
  • Primary and planned investment amount
  • Desired range of financial instruments
  • Acceptable level of risks
  • Availability of additional services and conditions

Beginners should start with Standard or Standard Cent accounts with fixed spreads and standard leverage. Pro, Zero, or Raw Spread accounts are suitable for professional trading.

Considering these factors, every trader will be able to choose the optimal Exness account for effective trading on terms that suit them.

FAQ About Exness Account Types

What is the best Exness account type for beginners?

For beginners, the Standard account is the best choice. It has a fixed small spread, standard leverage of 1:2000, and a minimum deposit of $1. This will facilitate efficient trading.

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